Preparing the handmade scratch cards for the new folders. The children are very hard working.


Snacks don’t last long. The children enjoy our halftime break. This week we made new folders to look after the children’s art and store larger work. Thank you Malcolm and Elaine for all the hard work and dedication you continue to donate to the class. Also, Elaine, for making the new folders and all the sweet treats.


Looking forward to the next half-term with these talented children. Places are still available. Contact details on the poster.


The work the children painted in last week's art session. Excellent use of watercolour, incorporating aerial perspective. Well done, everyone. Have a great holiday. Looking forward to seeing you all next half term.


The children enjoyed learning more about colours and using watercolour paint.


In the Tuesday art class at Glusburn Institute - Community and Arts Centre we looked at one point perspective to make drawings of trees using charcoal. Some children chose oil pastels. In the second half of the session, the children began some mod roc cans to decorate and paint next week.


We looked at images of mythical creatures including statues and paintings. Then the group made these wonderful drawings. Welcome to our two new talented children Grayson and Marcus.


After talking about the paintings of British pop artist Bridget Riley the Tuesday art group were inspired to make these colourful works. Great start to the new term and year.


Some of the animals drawn by the Tuesday art class children.


There are still some places left, so come along tomorrow to register or contact me to reserve a place.


Looking forward to the Christmas half term. 


Tuesday night art at the Glusburn Institute - Community and Arts Centre is a delightful class with these talented children. I think they brought these creatures to life. Still, a few places left. Contact me at ruth@art-star.co.uk to book.


Fabulous watercolour paintings of a forest path, surrounded by autumn trees, from the children in the pm holiday art session. Brilliant work. Well done, everyone! 


Well done to Ann, one of the students who come every week for a lesson at my studio. 


Great observational drawing in the am holiday workshop. Developed into print ideas. Very creative prints were produced. Thanks for the wonderful support provided by Malcolm and Elaine.


I came across this project finished one hot July some years ago. The children were hard-working, creative and delightful to work with.


Well done to all the children in the Tuesday art class. Some excellent observational drawing and painting. 


I really enjoyed working with Victoria Alderson at the fairy day at Cliffe castle. It was a wonderful day.


Really looking forward to Sunday. The times have changed a little, and the event now finishes at 2 pm instead of 3 pm due to the high temperatures.



Very original art made by the children in the Tuesday art class.


The Tuesday art class was great fun, as usual. The children’s imagination and hard work are always impressive. We have a pretty lively soundtrack playing, and of course, I had to add ”paint it black” by the Rolling Stones “ I’ve got a set of professional scratch tools arriving for next week. I can’t wait. 


Looking forward to being part of this fairy and dragonfly day again this year


Really proud of the children’s brilliant complimentary colour work. Well done everyone. 


The children in the Tuesday art session learned how to make boxes with lids. They didn’t need any help with ideas on decorations.


Watercolour rabbits and mice using coloured pencils. Very lively work.


The children in the Tuesday art club looked at some portraits by Pablo Picasso and, inspired by his paintings did some wonderful work. I’m always pleased by the children’s work but I thought they excelled themselves yesterday! 


Fantastic work from the holiday print workshop. Well done to all the talented children. 


In the Tuesday art class the children looked at the paintings of Alma Thomas. Born in the 19th century,she broke through many barriers to become the first black women to achieve a degree in art from the university of Columbia in Washington. She taught art for 35 years and after retirement established herself as a prominent abstract artist. She was influenced by the moon landing and her beautiful colourful work is in many permanent collections and one hangs in the White House.


The children did some excellent still life drawings and paintings of flowers recently.


On Tuesday, we looked at using watercolour paint to produce transparent layers of watercolour wash to give a painting depth. The children were interested in how watercolour works as a transparent medium and why not to use white which makes the paint opaque, and to work with the white of the paper instead. We looked at aerial perspective in these watercolour paintings, and the children had a well-earned break and enjoyed the treats Elaine and I bring in! Also, we all loved listening to music on the excellent sound system in the studio which I allowed them to highjack towards the end of the session and got to listen to, amongst other interesting choices, “it’s raining tacos “!


Very enjoyable class working with these talented children this evening. Thank you to Sylvia for helping out while Malcolm and Elaine are away. We don’t sit down but have as much fun as the kids!


Very enjoyable class working with these talented children this evening. Thank you to Sylvia for helping out while Malcolm and Elaine are away. We don’t sit down but have as much fun as the kids!


Very enjoyable class working with these talented children this evening. Thank you to Sylvia for helping out while Malcolm and Elaine are away. We don’t sit down but have as much fun as the kids!


Such a talented group of children who are a pleasure to teach at the wonderful Glusburn institute.


Photos of the beautiful work the children have been doing will be appearing soon on the news, along with all the many other projects that have been happening since the last update


The Fairy and Dragonfly trail at Cliffe Castle on Saturday the 24th of July went very well, the children and parents made lots of stunning fairy's and dragonflies and enjoyed the trail looking for the mysterious fairy doors.

My self and artist Victoria Alderson came up with the dragonfly and fairy ideas and helped the children make them. The photos show how the children also had original and creative ideas of their own.  

Everyone loved the North Wind Dance group who were entertaining, fabulous fairies


I led the activity with the help of museum staff and some CCSG volunteers.
This activity was run from the learning room at Cliffe Castle. It was on a seasonal theme using the museum's collections of native, wild birds and mammals..


These photos are of the children who participated in the craft activities at the Paralympic Heritage Celebration day & park run at Cliffe Castle Keighley.


Below are my latest oil paintings. Some finished and some are a work in progress. If anyone is interested in buying a painting please contact me.


These photos are from an exhibition with 'Art on the Square' at Cliffe Castle Keighley. As part of the exhibition our group also ran a day of art activities for children

Just delivered more oil paintings to Trattles and Geall Fine Art Gallery in Whitby.


Just delivered more oil paintings to Trattles and Geall Fine Art Gallery in Whitby. Also in the photograph a Judith Levin Moorland scene. Selling well...


This summer term the children of Hellifiled Primary school made a four seasons mural to go on their playground fence.

'The murals look really great finished, such a lot of hard work has gone into these paintings & the children have really enjoyed the project.' - Sara Binns, Headteacher


Some of the recent work in local primary schools.


Pop up gallery on Haworth main street.


Dubai Mall.

Painting Jo Malone Boxs, met some interesting people and a had lot of fun.


Ilkley arts trail is about to start next month from the 9th-13th of October. My paintings will be exhibited in U Dentistry venue 19 in the arts trail. I will be showing painting from my new children's story and selling prints and cards as well.

Click here to view page!


I have been Artist in residence at Ghyll Royd School Ilkley since the new year. It is a pure delight to work in such a happy school.



These are some of the illustrations for my new story " when the world was blue " exhibited in Central Hall Keighley. This exhibition was organised by me and was a collaboration of artists from BAS Bradford art studios where I have my art studio.


 "Aire"was a collaboration of my work and Linda Harrisons work held at Central Hall Kieghley.


Happy holidays.

This is a winter illustration for my new story "When the world was blue " with a Flash animation made by Theo Wightman.


Ghyll Royd school Burley in Wharfedale  hosted an exhibition of local artists and also showed the work of their talented children as part of the annual arts festival.

 My work shown here is mostly oil on canvas and a couple of water colour paintings in the gold frames.


Some of the paintings Ruth exhibited in the wunderkammer during the bank holiday weekend of the 5th-7th of May


Ruth’s dreamlike paintings will be featured at the Wunderkammer (Wonder-Room) at Saltaire Arts Trail 5th-7th May 2012. Alongside Ruth the Wunderkammer will be exhibiting a collection of unique work including Gill Smith's steampunk Scounts, decoractive wonderlands from Tasneem Kauser, Sue Wray's digital imagery, Nicola Taylor's 'Tales from the Moors Country', and Emma Wilkinson's metamorphosis materialised. 


Ruth is a member of Bradford Art Studios and will be opening her studio to the public as part of the Bradford open studios in June Sat 2nd-Tue 5th  2012.


Summer Art Exhibition 

Ruth exhibited six paintings at Ghyll Royd school art exhibition Burly in Wharfedale in June.


Ruth attended a ceramic workshop in Hebden Bridge with artist Sarah McDade. She had a great day making a bowl for the teddy bear's picnic! This is a coil pot to show children how to have fun with clay, and we are planning new ceramic workshops for spring. 

Sarah's fantastic work can be seen on www.sarahmcdade.co.uk


'The Goldfish and the Marigold' by Ruth Wightman has gone live on iBooks! The book is available at a bargain price for 99p on iphones and ipads - see some of the illustrations below.