Large Outdoor Mural

The children of Hellifiled Primary school made a four seasons mural to go on their playground fence.

All the years including reception joined in to create these beautiful landscapes. 

Year five and six made drawings and designs of British wildlife including Hares, foxes, owls and much more to put in the seasonal landscapes. 

'The murals look really great finished, such a lot of hard work has gone into these paintings & the children have really enjoyed the project.' - Sara Binns, Headteacher

See the full case study here

Countryside Mural

This mural was painted in acrylic based on a work by David Hockney of the countryside in East Yorkshire.I planned it and drew it and then the children in reception helped paint it and enjoyed it very much.

This mural was done by the children at Whingate Primary School Leeds during their summer school. The children did observational drawings of sunflowers and then painted them onto the wall using acrylic paint.They enjoyed painting some luscious fruit trees to remind them of summer all year round.

"Art Star came to work with us for 3 days of workshops at our summer play scheme. The resulting outdoor mural and mosaic tiles are wonderful, and have made a real difference to our outdoor area. Communication has been fantastic, and both members of staff made a real effort to get to know our children when working with them." - Carole Newton Teacher Whingate primary


This Mural was painted by the children of Our Lady of Victories in Keighley. The children did designs  of colourful fish in the class room and then look it in turns to draw and paint them on a wall to brighten up the outside area. The class teacher hoped he would not become an overnight Internet sensation!