Key Stage 2

This gallery shows the work I have done with key stage 2 students

Working Together

The first picture show children in a gifted and talented after school club getting used to working in water colour. The next picture shows children working from observation using autumn leaves. The third picture shows work done during an extended school day using animal collage.

Observational work using pastels in an after school club.

Ink blot work in an extended school day.

Drawings for a workshop on Victorian mills at knoweslwood school Bradford.

Various work, during after school clubs

Monochrome using blue

Year four looked at some of the school plants and made observational drawings using soft pencil and then painted them using blue water colour. I explained to them that it was like a black and white photograph where shape and colour is expressed using tone.

Observational Drawings

The children enjoyed working outside on a pleasant sunny day to draw leaves, flowers and grasses.

During the winter the outside classroom was a good place to look the horizon, hills and trees surrounding the school and have a go at drawing them before going back into the classroom to paint pictures from the sketches they had made.

Observational drawings and paintings.

Pastel drawing of the children's toys done in a gifted and talented after school club. work in charcoal by year six.

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Still Life

This is the art/science room at Ghyll Royd School Burley in Wharfedale where I set out a still life subject of flowers for the children to draw and paint.  All of the children worked really hard and painted some excellent paintings. They used water colour and mixed some beautiful colours.

Ink Splot Project

All children love an ink splot workshop. Here are some examples of the fun they have had!

The Golden Fish

These paintings were done using wax resist and powdered ink and were based on a famous painting by Paul Klee. The children enjoyed looking at this picture and thinking about what it represented and how it was done.