Key Stage 1

This gallery shows the work I have done with key stage 1 students 


These fabric drawings were done on cotton canvas using fabric pastels by year two. Initially I read them a story about a huge talking sun flower which I had created especially for them featuring year two.They really enjoyed the story as it featured their own names and details about their own class room such as the wildlife pond just outside year twos window. All the pictures put together made an interesting display.


Reception's recent topic was Dinosaurs and the children had lots of fun painting these wax drawings I did for them to use in their classroom display.

Wax and Brusho

The children drew in wax crayon using cardboard star templates. They also looked at pictures of the universe as inspiration and drew planets and stars.

Then they sprinkled dry Brusho over the wax drawings and using a water diffuser sprayed water over the picture. This dissolves the Brusho leaving the wax drawing visible.

Year 1

Year one used an egg template to draw large ovals on thick paper.They used wax crayon to make patterns and then the children sprinkled powdered ink over the pictures to make a colourful Easter display.
They also made these paintings of fireworks by using thick poster paint and sponges to suggest reflections, the children loved splatting paint in bright reds, oranges and yellows over their work to look just like bright fireworks.
These ink bolt paintings were done using ink and straws to make colourful paintings that looked like fireworks.
These doodle drawings were done by year one using pattern and a limited palette.